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PTE Academic Test

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)

PTE Academic is a computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration. Several Colleges, Universities, and Governments all over the world accept PTE Academic Test for admissions and immigration purposes.

The most popular countries that recognize PTE Academic are the UK, Australia, the US and Canada. Every candidate should contact the universities, to which he or she intends to apply, to find out whether they accept the PTE Academic qualification, and what grade they require. The Australian government accepts the PTE Academic for visa purposes.

PTE Academic is accepted by thousands of academic programs worldwide, including prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale University.

Some Unique Feature of PTE

  • Approved for Australian visa applications
  • The Test can be scheduled twenty-four hours in advance.
  • Results are typically receive their within five business days.

  • PTE Academic Test Format

    Part 1: Speaking & Writing

    (Time: 77 93 minutes)

  • Describe image
  • Personal introduction
  • Repeat sentence
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Summarize written text
  • Answer the short question
  • Essay (20 mins)

  • Part 2: Reading

    (32 41 minutes)

  • Re-order paragraphs
  • Reading: Fill in the blanks
  • Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choices, choose a single answer
  • Multiple choices, choose multiple answers

  • Part 3: Listening

    (45 57 minutes)

  • Summarize spoken text
  • Multiple choices, choose multiple answers
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Highlight correct summary
  • Multiple choices, choose a single answer
  • Select missing word
  • Highlight incorrect words

  • Note:

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