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1. What services does Hyderabad Hub provide?
 Ans. Hyderabad Hub provides training and placement services to students who are preparing for global tests such as GMAT, GRE, SAT , ACT , IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc, and Indian test such as CSAT, IAS, IBPS, RRB, SSC, CDS, NDA, etc and prospective trainers of these courses.
2. Who are your instructors ?
Ans. We have trained instructors who have professional teaching experience ranging from 2 to 15 years.  For more information please contact us.
3. Can I attend a sample or demo session before buying or joining course?
Ans. For every course, we have sample video posted on our website or on our official YouTube channel. we advise you to watch those sample videos before buying our paid video courses.
4. If I am not satisfied with your video sessions do I get my money back ?
Ans.No! We do not refund any money paid for video classes or soft copies of our books or online tests.  However, partial refund may be made for classroom enrolled students who are unable to attend classes under some special or emergency situations. 
5.How long will I have access to my tests?
Ans.You have one year access to the test (s)from the time you sign up for a free practice test or purchase full access to the tests.
6. Will  the same questions be repeated in different Full Length Tests?
Ans. No, a question used in one Full Length Test will not be repeated in another Full Length Test (FLT)
7. How do I register for the official GMAT/ GRE/ SAT/ IELTS/TOEFL/ PTE exam?
You can register for the official test through the respective websites of the official test administrators. 

For GMAT/GRE/SAT Tutorials,
please write us:

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