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GMAT Trainers

If you wish do an MBA Program in one of the premier business schools such as London Business School (UK), Harvard University (US), INSEAD (France), Stanford University (US), University of Pennsylvania (US), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (US), etc, you need to appear GMAT ®(Graduate Management Admission Test).

GMAT ® tests your Written English skills such as Grammar, analytical abilities such as Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension skills. In addition, it has a quantitative section that tests your ability in cracking problem solving and data sufficiency questions.


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GMAT Trainer Job Requirements:           

Usually companies consider just undergraduates for GMAT Trainer positions. Whether you have 15-year degree or 16-year degree does not matter. However, some companies conduct a screening test designed by them. Top test prep companies might ask you to appear the real GMAT ®. In developing countries, there are several Test Prep Companies that hire trainers if they perform well in a demo class. The trainer has to choose a topic and give a demo session.  If the observers give a positive feedback about the demo session, the trainer will be considered for the position.

GMAT Trainer Salary:   

A GMAT Trainer’s Salary ranges from $20 to $125 per hour. Top test prep companies in Unites States pay $100 to $125 per hour. Regarding the monthly salary, trainers get $ 1800 to $ 5000 per month. In India, the GMAT trainer’s salary ranges from ₹50k to ₹135k. However, some Indian companies expect the trainers to teach GMAT, GRE and SAT.

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(This site is under construction. Content on every page is being updated.)

(This site is under construction. Content on every page is being updated.)

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