Call Center Agents

Call Centre Jobs: What Skills Required?


A Call Centre or Contact Centre is a centralized customer care centre that handles the inbound and outbound calls of a company. Although different companies have different requirements based on the products or services they provide, they expect the Call Centre Executives or Tele Callers to possess some basic skills to apply for these jobs. The hiring companies usually train you the job specific skills. However, you need to have or qualify the following:

Screening Test:

Some companies conduct the preliminary screening test over phone. They test the candidate’s voice and accent, clarity, communication skills etc. The screening test also includes typing, computer knowledge, data entry, etc.

The chances of your success in the recruitment process are more if you perform well on the test. Moreover, you will have an interview after the test. Further, the focus of the interviewer will be on the test score.

Good listening skills

Every caller expects the Call Centre Executive to listen to his or her carefully. Hence, you need to pay attention to every detail the caller provides you. Make sure that you quickly note his or her queries or problems. The callers usually feel irritated when they are asked to repeat the queries.

Be patient. Allow them to speak. Do not interrupt unnecessarily when the caller is speaking. If you listen to them carefully, the callers will feel that you are serious about their problems and that you come with a solution.


You need to be polite towards your customer. Customers who are ill-informed about the products might give you trouble by raising irrelevant queries. As a customer care agent, you need to politely respond every query or problem no matter how simple it is. Any sort of sarcastic or arrogant response will worsen the situation and the customer might make a complaint against you.

Moreover, some customer might speak to you for a long time. Make sure that you remain warm and welcoming throughout the duration of the call. The caller must feel comfortable with your conversation. He should never feel that you are not interested to speak to him.

Effective Communication Skills

The Call Centre Agent must have outstanding communication skills. His or her explanations or responses must be clear or unambiguous. He or she should possess good presentation skills. The agent must have general communication skills, as well as the product knowledge, so that he can effectively communicate with the callers.

Call Centre Executives must have command of Vocabulary, Grammar and Usages, and Voice Modulation skills. Agents with poor vocabulary and grammar knowledge might fail to impress the call even if they have extensive knowledge of the products.

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